The way to Find the Right Video Wall for the Right Application

For business owners, creating an indelible first impression is vital to establishing their brand and starting the process to convert random passersby or potential clients into paying customers. Technology plays a big role in that impression and conversion process, but many business owners and managers are unsure of the best ways to implement technology into that process. Instead, they rely on static messaging – like a typical advertisement or static display – and individual contact from the representative of they. While those old standby methods have their place, the point is that any organization not leading with a strong and distinct technological presence is leaving a big chunk of business behind.

That means finding a reliable and user-friendly way of integrating technology is a must. In the day of readily available and inexpensive high definition displays, the easiest fact is to put up a 1080p screen with some unique imagery and advertising content. But determine this: if one screen is good, aren’t more screens better? The answer here, of course, is yes. However the barrier of finding usable and easy-to-manage video installations becomes even more daunting than before when more screens have concerns. Finding a solution that allows for quick content management through hardware – absolutely no software, separate dedicated computers, or drivers required – is key.
What these businesses desperately need is really a video wall hardware solution. Now, may be sound a bit overwhelming, and with the wrong product, it will be. But new developments in video wall controllers are giving end users, even those who don’t have any experience along with this kind of technology, the perfect option when looking establish and manage videos wall.

A video wall can be from around four screens (a 2×2 configuration) to dozens and lots of screens, depending on the application and spot. For businesses looking for more of an entry-level video wall controller, a four-screen environment should be plenty. With position screens and some quality content, a 2×2 video wall will make for a dynamic addition to the business or store without overwhelming its audience or those in charge of video wall managing the have.In particular, hardware-only solution are designed for a plug-and-play user see. Simply plug in the input sources and HD screens for the controller, select info about the subject configuration for the content, and it’s ready to proceed to. For businesses searching for a leg up on their competition, a brilliant video wall solution is the way to use.

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